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There is an urgent need to accelerate hope for Ukrainian refugee children with ultra-rare diseases.

The mission of Columbus Children’s Foundation is driven by the urgency to accelerate equitable access to the most effective gene therapy solutions for children with ultra-rare genetic diseases.

Together we can change lives and ensure precious moments
are never lost.

Accelerating access to gene therapy for ultra-rare genetic disorders

The Columbus Children’s Foundation is driven by the urgency to advance gene therapy research to bring hope to children with ultra-rare genetic diseases.

Improving lives of children with ultra-rare diseases

Our goal is to see children going from wheelchairs to walking; from no speech to speaking; from lacking sight to seeing smiles; and from only receiving hugs to giving hugs.

Global Partner: Interventional NeuroTherapy Center, Brodno Hospital, Warsaw, Poland

Brodno Hospital provides avenues for advanced gene therapy treatments for the world’s rarest children. This is the first Interventional Neurology Center (INC) to open in Europe and the second in the world. Led by Krys Bankiewicz, doctors at the INC perform extremely precise operations to treat and cure children from around the world.

Marta M., Spain

Marta M. was just two months old when she was diagnosed as only the 100th child in Spain with Niemann- Pick type C disorder, an incurable neurodegenerative hereditary disease with a life expectancy of, at best, 20 years. Thanks to the support of the Fundacion Columbus, our European counterpart, Marta now has a life filled with hope.

The power of music

“We build bridges to help children born with ultra-rare diseases through the power of music.  Just as a musical composition is a complex combination of perfectly tuned notes, so is the human genome. When in perfect harmony, both have amazing healing powers. Our worldwide concerts build awareness for children with ultra-rare diseases to raise needed funds.”

– Javier Garcia, CCF Board Trustee

Our latest news

New gene therapy delivers treatment directly to brain

When Rylae-Ann Poulin was a year old, she didn’t crawl or babble like other kids her age. A rare genetic disorder kept her from even lifting her head. Her parents took turns holding her upright at night just so she could breathe comfortably and sleep. Then, months later. doctors delivered gene therapy directly to her…

Organizations Rally to Help Ukrainian Rare Disease Patients

The Columbus Children’s Foundation (CCF) and CureDuchenne are collaborating to raise money for a group in Gdansk, Poland, called Fundacja (Foundation) Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy, which is giving financial and medical assistance to boys with Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) fleeing Ukraine.

Our next event

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On July 29 at 6:00 p.m., at the Reale Arena Stadium (San Sebastián), Real Sociedad de Fútbol and Bayer Leverkusen …