Ensuring Precious Moments With Children Are Never Lost

Life’s most precious moments are in a world where every child can freely walk, talk, laugh, sing, dance, eat, hug, smile, and even just breath. Together we can change the lives of children and families who face the tragic consequences of ultra-rare genetic disorders. 

The Columbus Children’s Foundation goal is to accelerate and advance potentially life-saving gene therapy treatments for children with ultra-rare muscular and neurodegenerative diseases. Most are associated with devastating consequences and dramatically shortened life expectancy. Unfortunately, commercial research for cures is not adequately funded due to the small number of children with ultra-rare conditions. We are deeply driven by the urgency to change the lives of these children and to remove the financial, physical and medical burdens associated with a genetic diagnosis.

We rely on the commitment of leading researchers, corporations, universities, advocacy groups and caring individuals so children with a critical need can realize the promise of life-changing gene therapies. Please join us.

Stay tuned, the new Columbus Children’s Foundation website is coming soon.